NCB Culture

NCB Inc. started business S/W development and processing company in 1997. NCBrain, our main product, was released in 2003 and has been supplied
to more than 1,700 customers with 7,000 seats, including Samsung, LG, Hyundai, KIA, Toyota, Honda and Mahindra(India). NCBrain has been used as
their 'standard fast and safe system for NC milling to increase company profit by optimization and machining database.Besides, we have commercialized
SMART Machine, which is the automatic machine for graphite machining by anybody with 4 buttons only without knowledge of CAM and milling,
with co-developer Hwacheon since 2010.
Share the company
management statue
with all employees
PR Coaching,
1:1 Counseling,
Sensitivity Training,
Mutual 360 degree feedback
from all employees,
Supervisor Valuation,
Performance Valuation
Learning Culture for Consciousness Growth
- Sensitivity Training
- PR Coaching
- Book-reading
- 1:1 Counseling
Harmonious company community
- Company workshop
- Company club activity
- Mind discussion
- Company new year party
Customer Meeting
- Exhibition
- Sports Meeting
- Global Seminar