Smart UA-X

Smart UA-X
2015SMART-UAX version 2 released
2013SMART-UAX commercialized
2012Concept machine released at expo
2011Co-patent applied by Hwacheon & NCB
2010SMART Machine development start
Anybody with 4 Touch only after modeling
Comparison btw SMART-UAX & current machining
SMART-UAXCurrent machining
1. Ready for
- Put stock after modeling
- Beginning with 4 Touch only
- Ready for machining in 10~20 minutes
- Modeling analysis
- Prepare CAM & NC DATA
- Set for tools
- Modify every status before machining
- Beginning with put stock
- Ready for machining in 4~6 hours
2. Time- Otimized machining with best D/B!
- 30~50% faster with optimized adjustable feedrate
- Wide variations depending on technical level!
- Limit with machine speed
3. Quality- High quality with equivalence
- No defect
- Wide variations depending on technical level!
- Inevitable human error
4. Tool span- Save expense with automatic process
- Automatic sensor for breakage
- Manual check & usage increased
- Human error & quality decreased
5. Machine
- Best dust collector system
- Automatic collision prevention
- Guarantee long-term accuracy & span
- Wide variations depending on machine
- No collision check
- Span depending on maintenance
6. Machine
- Automatic system
- Effcient operation & save electric charge
- Manual check
- Waste of time & excessive electric charge
7. Unmanned
- Big table & mass production
- Possible during more than 48 hrs
- Limit with table size
- Wide variations with technical level
8. Output- Constant 365-day production
- Possible for more than old 3 machine or new 2 machine
- Depending on person & situation
9. ROI- SMART-UAX 1 unit, including S/W, technique, tools etc- M/C, CAM, tool holder, S/W engineer,...
constant maintenance expense etc
NC Brain Verification 1Set provided
- Possible to check electrode omission, overcut, and discharge GAP by EDM Simulation.
- Possible to check the parts to be electroded and overcut area on core by NC data Simulaton.
Milling preparation (smart process - 4 buttons only)
SMART UAX : Current machining comparison
Milling time & Quality
Faster(30~50%) and High quality milling by Simulation & Optimization with best D/B
HECC : faster and high quality by machine auto-speed order depending on rough, semi-finishing, finishing, and tools.
Management of tool lifespan
Statistic management of accumulated tool use of every tool. Auto-Cycle notice for tool replace (yellow- warning replace, red - replace alarm)
Damage check through tool overload set.(HTLD)
Machine lifespan & machine management
Guarantee long-term accuracy, lifespan, cleanliness, anti-collision, auto-system check, and efficient drive electric charge save through best dust
entrainment block & dust collection system.
Large output of dust collection & high capacity 12 filters ( keeping cleanliness) High capacity inhale duct on HEAD & central BED
Keeping accuracy through various displacement control depending on temperature change - HFDC : Real time displacement prediction with high temperature sensor at every element causing heat error on M/C frame.
-HSDC : Real time displacement prediction for Z-step tolerance auto-correction of spindle taper expansion in high spindle & temperature measurement
on various parts.
Driverless Control
Possible for mass production of large table ( 1,200 X 700. depth 200mm) & unmaned machining more than 48 hrs.
Output & ROI
365-day Mass production without stop(old 3 units or new 2 units)
SMART-UAXCurrent NC machining
1 unit( including Smart technology S/W,tools)NC machine 2~3 units, tools, CAM etc
1 beginner, tool, electric charge
CAM, 2~3 experienced men, tool &electric charge 2 times,
AMC etc
productionshort-term production : current 2~3 units better
long-term production : faster SMART UAX better without stop