Analysis of Graphite machining
The center of mold and electrode is usually different, which
causes the set up of multi coordinates and difficulties of
ATC control.
E-List makes graphite centering and can control multi
graphite machining process and ATC.
You can control milling process and ATC tools. Also, you
can bind and send various NC data at a time.
NC machining - cost !
System with Data Base - Set up data base based on material, tool, equipment, and company trait.
Case of feed control
AIR CUT delete - faster milling
Air Cut deleted automatically - easier CAM work
Structure Milling- Air Cut delete
Air Cut delete for Dia-Compensatied 2D data for Structure milling
Remove very slight cutting paths
Remove paths where the cutting volume is very small in Roughing or Penciling process 
Case of path addition & Feed control
Semi-finishing, Ball30, Stock allowance 0.3 Ball16 Stock allowance 0.3 pitch=2mm
Case of RPM control
RPM control milling by refering to engage point- Ball Center or Ball Outer
Automatic change the direction to climb cutting
Check out conventional cutting paths in Pencil process, Change to climb cutting direction
Shortest rapid move - recognize the work shape
Time cut by adjusting rapid move height
Divide NC data according to tool length itself!
Use the tool length information, devide paths along the work shape
Self tool management from ATC magazine
Self ATC magazine management- tool shape, length, holder Automatically divide NC data along the tool & holder shape
Button Die milling automation
Simply design pockets for the button dies, create NC data by "One" click