Other Function
Feed rate control
Save milling time and prevent tool breakage
Calculating Cut Load, Add Optimized Feed Rate Automatically
Cutting load is continuously changing along the work shape.
For this part, normal feed rate would be F1000.
But now, NCBrain controls feed rates, from F800 to
F4000 automatically.
Faster and safer machining is possible.
Air Cut delete
Save time, easy CAM job
Unnecessary tool path called ‘Air Cut’ reaches normally to
5% to 30%.
This Air Cut paths should be deleted.
NCBrain deletes unnecessary Air Cut paths automatically,
and make easy CAM job accordingly.
Few load path delete
Reduce time in roughing & semi
This function makes rapid machining on thin load area
The small remained load will be cut later by necessary
G0 height control
reduce time & prevent collision
Along the shape and height of stock, G0 rapid motion shall be controlled for higher efficiency.
Also NCBrain creates approach paths as G01 code.
RPM control
along the contact point of tools.
Spindle should be changed by different condition such
as along the work shape and location. NCBrain makes it possible accordingly.
Arc function
Good for old machine in saving time and
high quality
Line(G1) to Arc(G2, G3) Translation and Look ahead
Feed Control for Adjusting NC data to old Controller
As a function of old-type instrument, it solves problems
by circling of corner part, which has large data and
accelerating/decelerating automatically. (General movie)
as you know, there are many problems of over cutting
quality lowering by dropping feed and shaking at the
corner. But, (ARC movie) the following shows smooth
ac/decelerating and clear manufacturing. The processing
time reduced 30% and the quality increased
Bull-nose feed rate control
Tool life longer, time reduction
According to entry and location, feed rate of bull-nose
should be controlled like an example above.
This can reduce time and make tool life longer.
Tool path addition on overload
Prevent tool breakgae & low quality
Overload area can cause tool breakage, low quality, and over
cutting. NCBrain can handle these problems with self-
creating tool path on extremely loaded area.
Best tool length information
Optimized tool chucking
According to the tool length, minor and major accidents
can happen all the time. NCBrain shows optimal length
information after 1 simulation. So, fast and safe milling
can be done simply.
Tool length division
short and long length area for safe milling
Because of small deep area, the whole inefficient milling
can happen more often than not. NCBrain divides these
NC data by diameter and length of the cutting tool,
which makes efficient milling accordingly.
Prevent collision
Create ramp entry
NCBrain checks and prevents accidents of the cutter.
NCBrain changes the straight approach into ramp approach
3D peaking
Smooth machining at the corner
The sensitive section is the corner. NCBrain creates 3D
peaking paths, not a direct way. It offers much more stable
and smooth machining.
Prevent clamp collision
Avoid collision with clamp
Defining the clamp location, G0 tool paths will be adjusted
for avoiding crash with clamps.
ATC form
T number change only, automatic coordinate
insert and one NC data
Just input the number of ATC, NCBrain changes the NC data
head section with ATC code form. And work coordinate
codes are also simply added.
Verification of under & over cutting
Check in advance
NCBrain detects differences between the CAD model and
the simulated model output comparison result by color.
The blue shows electrode discharge machining
Tool life control
Divide NC data based on tool lives for safe milling
Input the life time of various tools, and NCBrain divides NC
data. M00 code will be inserted at the G0 rapid motion.
Or, dividing path option will separate one file into several
files with ATC form.
Graphic edit
Easy edit for NC Data
NCBrain has the tool path edit functions such as cut off,
move, rotate, and symmetrical edit. This simple edit function
gives conveniences to the NC operator. Metallic pattern
or electrode has lots of the symmetry core. NCBrain makes
all data to symmetry downward cutting automatically for
the immediate process.
Order of process
Considering G0 numbers and distance
NCBrain could re-arrange cutting order to reduce time when
G0 paths are too many.
FTP transmission
convenient network transmission
Using the data server has to follow several steps normally.
NCBrain has FTP function that helps to skip these complicated
tasks. One click will do.
Work sheet output 
After simulation,NCBrain outputs an image or excel worksheet showing: work-size, weight,tool length, and time etc.
Cutting time is very correct because NCBrain calculates the machine's acceleration (as G1 motion, G0 rapid motion) and also the feed rate changes.