NCBrain 5X

Solve machining problem by 1 simulation
What do we need to check before NC machining?
Checklist for the NC machining is machine collision, tool breakage, feed,
RPM, aircut and over/ less cutting. It may be different situation from
engineer, so there are variety of human errors likely to be occurred.
NCBrain5X will solve machining problems by one simulation.
Verification, optimization and simulation by
cutting D/B
NC data created by CAM will be regenerated into optimized NC data by
simulation and verification.
The optimized NC data makes the safest and fastest machining at
all time without any accident.
Effect of NCBrain5X’s D/B creation
Appling NCBrain 5X Technology and NCBrain’s machining information
will help to make top-notch technology
Difference after using NCBrain5X
If you earn $20,000 from machine, 5X will make 10% more efficient
which makes $22,000 additional profit per year
Faculty comparison of NCBrain & 5X & others
NCBrain5X has high precision and best calculation speed in NC machining part.
Only NCBrain5X can help to do unmanned machining and reduce the machining time.
And also NCBrain5X calculation speed is 6 times much faster than other product.
Comparison contentsNCBrain 5XNCBrain Mold PressCompany ACompany B
Cutting D/BX
Feedrate control
Toolpath additionXX
Air cut deletionXX
Holder verification
5axis collide verificationX
Precision of comparing model0.00001(0.015)0.250.01(0.05)0.05
Calculate time20mins5mins40mins120mins
EngineSolidZ-map & E-mapGraphicPOLYGON
UsageAll of NC categories3axis mold in NCAll of NC categories
Robot simulation
All of NC categories
Robot simulation