The 3rd Jokgu(Korean Football) contest for NCBrain customers(championship : Jaeil Precision)

Co-supervisor, NCB & NSB, held a 3rd Jokgu(Korean football) festival with 13 customers, like Myungsun, Plakor, Hanyang mold,
AMT, J-tech, Jungwoo, Seosan, Shinyoung, Jaeil precision, Dongju industry, Hanjin mold, JMP, and Jaeyoung Solutec on April 14th in Shinheung elementary school under beautiful Spring weather. Hwacheon machine industry co.,ltd & Yeonji co.,ltd sponsorshiped for this festival.

The Shinyoung co.,ltd won a tilte, which is 2nd consecutive championship, in a keen competition with many teams.
Shinyoung Precision marked in 2nd prize after a slight difference.

This Jokgu(Korean football) festival was brightened thanks to over 100 people from our customers.
They were highly appreciated for their attendance and enthusiastic attitude.

We, NCBrian, will keep doing our best to be closer with our customers in the future.
Thank you a million.

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