Epilogue of Die & Mold China 2013

Epilogue of Die & Mold China 2013
Approx. 600 companies in 13 countries attended 15th DMC 2013 this year. Same as last year, we met Customers with 3 Reseller of TongJun in Zhejiang in China, ShendDa in Taiwan, Marubeni in Japan in DMC 2013. China’s mold market is showing the 21 hundreds million dollars for 4 years in trade growth. NCB try to grow together with China mould market promoting top optimal system NCBrain and NCBrain 5X. Gradually, customers are interested in NCBrain which is growing the position in china through marketing and news. So, we are appreciating to meet customers by kind and passion. We will never stop study until you are satisfied with us.

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